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Dragon Ball Z Doc Battle is a great little mix of mobile games. It combines puzzles, board games and card-games with free-to-play titles. You will play in Dokan events and world tournaments to fight against tough enemies.

In Dragon Ball Jade Ducan Battle, you will play as an unnamed warrior working to avoid disaster. Trunks and King Kai guide you in your quest, forward the plot and advise battle. Players fight alongside Goku and team up with rivals from the anime, such as Freeza, Sale, or Mazin Bu.

Gameplay and battles

In Dragon Ball Z, the fighting style is a mix of board games and variations of color-matched games. Randomized rolls will drive the player’s team, combining “unlocking” fighters with in-game items or app purchases across the board. The game is fun, the graphics are great and the gameplay is addictive. The combination of puzzle and board game elements inspired by puzzles and dragons is the pillar of this new iteration of son Goku and his friends.

Game actions are fast and exciting. Every time you call a new character you will often see slow-loading animation with Goku firing a cameohemaha on a planet. Naruto X Bruto Have the same gameplay.

Battle sequences involve the alignment of multi-colored “key” balls that match Dragon Ball Z to damage your opponent. Much of this is done with opportunity but some techniques can be used with a focus on “types” and their strengths and weaknesses.

For example, red / SRT is strong against yellow / PHY but weaker than blue / AGL. By changing the order of your fighters, Dragon Ball Z can also help protect you from attacking and / or induce special combo moves to deal with three attacks at once at the bottom of the screen. On the battle screen just tap on “Key Spirits” and send flying enemies. You can see more details about the characters and fighting skills Developer’s website.


This game has some bugs. Such as heavy loading time in each screen and plenty of app purchases. The quality of game updates is poor with several unplanned key targets every time a patch is released. You can’t do anything without paying for the dragon stone.

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