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Document Scanner – Text, PPT, Excel, Image to PDF APK download

Document Scanner - Text, PPT, Excel, Image to PDF APK download

Document Scanner is easy to use. The simplicity of this application makes it an ultimate PDF converter for your device.
Document Scanner (Doct PPT XLSS Text Word …) is a document converter that lets you convert files to other extensions: convert PDF to Doc, TXT, PPT, Word, XLS and many more. PDF Converter (Doct PPT Excels …) is also a PDF reader and a PDF editor. Choose the extension, choose an output format and convert any document perfect for creating PowerPoint presentations and PDF works.
PDF Reader, PDF Creator and PDF Editor
Use the built-in PDF reader document viewer or any other document viewer already installed. Modify your files by connecting to the Scanner app and its PDF editor. Creating PDFs to your measurements and sharing them in the format you want is now real.
Document Manager
Office Viewer lets you manage and manage all PDF files by viewing the folder structure.
All PDF files are available in a single place which is very easy to search and view.
Document scanner
With Dock Scanner you can scan documents, receipts, photos, reports, PDF files at any time.
Folder structure
List of all files in the folder view structure
Tools Share your files with other tools and applications
Share converted documents via any other message, mail or social network application. Link your work with Camera Scanner and Camera Translator and finish the app with the best tools.
Ource resource optimization
Application optimization allows you to save batteries and resources while converting documents to various formats.
Orted supported formats:
PDF Converter can work with the following formats: PDF, Docs, TXT, PPT, XLS, DocX, PPTX, XLSX

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