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Docs Viewer allows you to quickly view documents on Android, including PDFs and Microsoft Office files. An internet connection is required.

Supported file types:

Portable Document Format (.PDF)
XML Paper Specification (.xps)
S PostScript (.PS, .EPS)
Fictionbook (.fb2)
DJV (.djv, .djv)
X Tex, Latex (.tex, .latx)
Comic Book Archive (.cbz)
Microsoft Reader (.LIT)

Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint (.dox).
OpenOffice / StarOffice Writer, Calc, Impress, Drawing (.SXW.
Open document text, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics (.ODT, .ODS, .ODP, .ODG)
পি WPS Office Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet (.WPS, .DPS, .ET)
আই Apple iWork pages, numbers, keynotes (.PAGES, .NUMBERS, .KEY)
Ich Rich Text Format (.RTF)
Hanward Document (.hwp)
Corel WordSect (.WPD)
IBM Lotus Word Pro (.LWP)
Microsoft Works (.WPS)
Abiward (.ABW)
HTML files (.htm, .html)
Text files (.TXT, .JS, .CSS, .XML, .JAVA, .C)
• Delimiter-split values ​​(.CSV, .TSV, .SSV)

Joint Photographic Expert Group 2000 (.jpig, .jpg, .jpe, .jp2, .jpx)
Portable Network Graphics (.PNG)
Ph Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF)
Google WebP (.WEBP)
Image tagged image file format (.TIFF)
তার High efficiency image file format (.HEIC)
বি Microsoft bitmaps, icons, cursors (.bmp, .idb, .ico, .cr)
Microsoft DirectDra Surface (.DDS)
Portable anymap (.pbm, .pgm, .ppm, .pam, .pnm)
Illumination HDR (.HDR, .RGBE)
Truvision Taraga (.tga)
Of Softmease PIC (.pik)
• Beep bitmap (.WBMP)
Adobe Photoshop (.PSD)
Adobe Digital Negative (.DNG)
Raw image (.rw. X3f, .3fr)

Scalable vector graphics (.SVG)
Microsoft VGO (.VSD, .VSX, .VSDX)
Microsoft Windows, enhanced meta fill (.WMF, .EMF)
Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
• Corildraw (.cdr)
Skensil (.SK, .SK1)
ড Autodesk AutoCAD (.DXF, .DWG)

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