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Don’t Tap White Tile Rhythm style gaming app for Android devices where users should only try to tap on a piano black tiles but avoid white tiles. If a user even taps a white tile, it’s over for them.


The mechanics and controls of the White Tile game are simple. The titles are flying across the screen and the player’s goal is to tap on all the black moving tiles without just tapping on a black title and most of the conscious beacons in it are mostly white. Hitting a white tile means instant game over.


Although the White Tile app has simple gameplay, the app comes with different modes to play each game style with a little bit of fun. However, the goal of all these modes is the same, do not tap the white tile.

The game is ideal for users who like to play games a little faster; We bet you can’t last more than 2 minutes at a time. Plus, the game will help you improve the speed of hand eye coordination.

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