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Dinosaur Helicopter – Flight Simulator Games APK Download

Dinosaur Helicopter - Flight Simulator Games APK Download

Get on a helicopter to embark on your mission to rescue dinosaur friends trapped around the world! As a rescue pilot, you will be assigned to the crash site and search and rescue work will begin for your friends.

To choose from 12 exciting helicopters, you can fly everything from a UFO to a military helicopter to a two-pilot helicopter! On your journey you will encounter obstacles like monsters and thunderbolts, but your helicopters are equipped with bombs, so that you can overcome the obstacles and continue your rescue work without any problems!

Each scene will present you with a challenge and you will have to navigate surprises and unexpected accidents. You will come across natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as flooded cities and damaged railways. Whether the rescue is on a roof or in a dangerous place, your helicopters include tools like ladders and claws to help you reach your dinosaur friends! Always be on the lookout for new dangers!

You can explore wherever you want. Enjoy the passing view as you navigate to help other dinosaurs, as rescue zones change from tropical islands to urban locations!

Your dinosaur friends are trapped right now and they are waiting for your help! Choose a helicopter and jump to start your exciting search and rescue expedition!

Control 12 unique and fun helicopters
> Start challenging natural disaster and rescue missions
> Find interesting areas in the tropics from the urban location
> Experience fantastic sunrise in free flight mode
> Suitable for pre-schools for five year olds
> No third party ads

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