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Dinosaur games – Kids game APK Download

Dinosaur games - Kids game APK Download

Welcome to Dino Adventure Park, with all-in-one dinosaur themed children’s games. These simple games will help your kids explore different educational fields – develop logical thinking and reasoning skills with the dinosaurs of their choice. Your child’s paleontologist will enjoy classic graphics, funny animations, children’s music and realistic sounds.

Run with powerful T-Rex; Fly with pterodactyl; And discover other dinosaurs with other unique features. Preschool children will also learn skills as all free games are designed to improve memory and attention span. Start an exciting prehistoric adventure in this dinosaur museum, where cartoon dinosaurs come to life.

16 Dinosaur Games:
* Mosquito Attack: Mosquitoes are bothering Dino and you just have to shake the tail to kill the flying insects.
* Classification: Dinosaurs are being sorted to see which ones fly and which ones land.
* Decoration: Father and child need to wear clothes – Learn how to distinguish between big and small and help them with their clothes.
* Memory Game: Find the right pair of baby dinosaurs in the egg and clear the field
* Size: Learn the basic shapes by matching the correct cave to the dino.
* Hit-the-Mole: An entertainment of the classic game with fun dinosaurs.
* Color: Teach the baby color by picking the dinosaurs in the right colored pipes.
* Ball game: Touch the dino ball and jump to eat all the fruit.
* Matching game: Dinosaurs match the exact body part of the same dinosaur.
* Feed the hungry Dino: He knows what he wants to eat and needs to identify your vegetables and feed him.
* Dino Wash: Use the soap to remove dirt and then give the dinosaur a shower to clean again.
* Carnival Game: Aim at the dinosaurs and collect more stars to hit the balls.
* Mathematics: Count the number of dinosaurs and select the correct answer.
* Run to catch: Hurry up to take the dinosaur to collect all the falling fruit.
* Racing Games: Race with your dinosaur car and avoid all other cars to reach the finish line of the other freestyle.
* Jumping game: Jump like a rabbit and reach the edge to meet the dinosaur friend safely without falling into the water.

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