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dfndr battery is a battery saver app It helps you to protect the battery life of your phone in various ways. It becomes inactive Applications running in the background Battery life is consuming as well as giving you the opportunity to choose the ones you want to keep open. It also acts as a power saver Controlling your phone’s screen brightness.dfndr battery features strong, including:
✓ Quick optimization
✓ Super optimization
Battery cooler
Ks Lockscreen Charge Monitor
Customizable profiles
Tery Battery Health Report
Screen saver

– Fast optimization
Quick optimization is the easiest way to save battery life of your device. You can use it several times a day to save battery power, especially if you use your phone frequently or there is no easy way to recharge.

Super optimization
Applications running in the background can use battery life even when you are not using them. Super optimization shuts down applications in the background and prevents you from draining valuable battery power. The best part? It gives you control and flexibility to easily choose which application you want to keep open and which you want to close.

– Battery cooler
The battery cooler lowers your battery temperature and thus helps keep your phone cool by reducing power consumption. Not only will you save battery life, but you’ll also protect your CPU and other phone components from potential damage.

-Lockscreen charge monitor
The Lockscreen Charge Monitor lets you monitor your phone’s battery life, receive real-time notifications when your battery is fully charged, and prevent overcharging from your phone’s lock screen. Custom settings such as receiving notifications on your lock screen and setting the screen wake time can also be configured to suit your personal needs.

Customizable profiles
Choose from four personalized battery saver profiles to create a custom experience for you. Activate multiple or toggle between them. The decision is yours.

Emergency profile: The battery is activated automatically when there is a remaining 10% of charge.

✓ Location profile: Customizes battery consumption depending on your location, whether you are at home or at work.

Ak Peak Times Profile: Enables you to automatically switch to battery saving mode at certain times of the day.

Profile Prolonged profile: Another way to configure unique settings to save energy
Within each profile setting, you can adjust features like screen brightness, screen duration, vibrate, touch response, and Bluetooth to get the most out of your phone’s battery.

– Battery health report
Get a convenient snapshot of the overall health and condition of your phone’s battery, such as information about the amount of electricity residue, battery temperature and battery capacity.

* Screen saver *
Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Our new battery saver technology shuts off your screen light output by up to 33% without compromising brightness and visibility.

Note: Accessibility is required to activate the core functions of this application.

Download dfndr battery now! The DFNDR Battery Saver app will extend your phone’s battery life in the charge and give your phone more power for what’s important.

What’s new?

– PowerPro has a new look and a new name!
– It will be known as now dfndr battery.
– Check out our brand new app icon, which stays authentic with the PSafe Shield, while evoking some modern fun with a new color.

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