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Defense Legends 2: Commander Tower Defense APK Download

Defense Legends 2: Commander Tower Defense APK Download

Defense Legend 2 with many new and interesting features. This is a strategy game completely free. This will bring a lot of fun and interesting things for Tower Defense gamers (TD games). Make sure players don’t bother exploring new maps and new weapons.
After being completely defeated in defense legends, the Dark Forces are quietly preparing to create countless more, more aggressive, more elite forces aimed at reconnecting the world for the second time. Legendary generals have devised new tactics and new tactics to fight off attacks to counter them.
With the strategy division – strategy games, players have to build the old man with a good position to take advantage of the best features of each type of weapon, as well as analyze the enemy’s attack, finish their own strategy, tactical thinking, always ready to change the strategy match
Defense Legend 2 Tower was built on the basis of the Department of Defense, so rational strategy will bring victory.
Defense Legend 2 is a strategy game that always brings excitement among players by controlling the weapons and flexibility of the allocation to win. Defense Legend 2 solves this problem very well.
New features:
Defense Legend 2 decides to battle by updating new weapons, bringing the difference to the Tower Defense Game (TD Game).
+ LDC – 055: Supports a large number of enemy troops in explosive combination situations.
+ UXO – W: Sound wave bombs with great power generate sound waves extensively to destroy the enemy.
+ Ice – Age: It scans within a certain period of time with the ability to collect all specific enemies.
+ BF1: BF1 Fear the enemy with 5 warplanes carrying lots of bombs
+ Helpfire Zone: Fire from Hell will destroy all enemies as they pass.
+ Supergun-F: Weapons that work like guns with rocket warheads. Destructive power. Unlimited range.
Warship Corps is a military that is so dangerous that players should pay attention to give it some appropriate tactics. In particular, multidimensional offensive tactics are actually a big challenge for gamers.
Let’s play and enjoy Defense Legend II. You will realize that this is a great strategy game free of tactical games.

Please give us feedback to improve the game for a better experience. Thank you so much!

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