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Android users have never seen a game before. In Dawn of the Titans, the user can control huge Titans and thousands of warriors in an epic battle adventure. Grow up or go home in this era of Titans Dawn. Hold the country of enemies and increase your army to fight the war.

Join your friends for an epic adventure for free in this new one-of-a-kind action strategy game on mobile devices.

Key Features:

Dawn of the Titans provides the following key features.

  • The console provides quality graphics. Create your own kingdom and fight enemies in this 3D fantasy world. Same as Clans of Clans.
  • Dominate lands with huge titles Use these titans now and equip their special gears to predict great PVP battles.
  • Offers real-time combat control. Fight with thousands of troops directly under your control.
  • Check out the gaming junkies for non-daily search, promotion and alliance events as the game offers new events and campaigns.
  • Make yourself an immobile ally. You can now integrate with your friends in the app chat feature to maintain dominance in other states.
  • Build yourself a final kingdom. Now fight the enemy people to occupy their land and rise to the top of the world rankings.

The Dawn of the Titans is not compatible with the Samsung Tab. The game doesn’t even turn on. It takes too long to flatten your titans. If you have multiple Titan, they take too long to flatten everything.

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