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Daily Duas for Kids – Dua series with Arabic audio is based on the Quran (Quran and Sunnah) from the Muslim book which compiles all the authentic duas for Muslims to request every day and on special occasions. The app will help your kids learn the most important prayer supp for daily activities

Key Features:

Daily Duas for Kids – Dua series with Arabic audio works on both phones and tablets.
You can hear the prayers – local Arab readers.
The feature search feature allows the user to find the diacritical feature of a particular word.
The choice of L script helps the user to convey Islamic claims correctly in Arabic.
Du 80 Doas and Zikr.
বী Arabic is the written line of du’a
To Complete Translation: English, Frances, Bahasa Indonesia, Deutsche Welle, Espaলol, Turkish, Urdu, русский, 中文,, Persian
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List of categories:

Orning Morning / Evening: There are requests for every day after waking up before going to sleep …
• Restroom: Entering and leaving the restroom
োয়া Prayers: There are prayers for ablution, listening to the exchange, responding to the call of the muezzin, entering the mosque, etc.
At Eating / Drinking: Learn Duas for food i.e. before eating, finishing food etc.
Dressing: It is requested to wear new clothes and dress and attire.
Ing Travel: Blessings are given on reaching the destination etc. when starting a new journey
Blessings: Blessings for meeting the sick, praising other Muslims, etc.
• Protection: Against the devil’s delusion when the wind blows.
Ive Forgiveness: Praying for God’s Forgiveness (Astaghafar),
Ing Roza / Ramadan: Quickly forget the dua, pray, invite the family to break the fast, etc.
্ম Crematorium / Grave: Prayers for the deceased, time to go to graves, etc. For
• Animals: For a person hit by a scorpion, climbing on an animal, etc. For
• Rain: During and after rain and prevent rain.
Random: Praying against an enemy, getting angry, etc.

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