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CUBE: Model and measure in AR APK Download

CUBE: Model and measure in AR APK Download

Addition is actually the best program for modeling. It is also possible to measure objects and fields.
The Cube application is a data modeling program that binds a model to a region controlled by self-taught artificial intelligence based on deep-confidence neural networks and multilayer perceptors. The project is being implemented in the Cube mobile application with a combination of laser scanning equipment and photogrammetry based on machine learning. The goal of the project is to create a modeling program for someone who does not have engineering knowledge, while routine operations are performed with artificial intelligence in the background.
For many years, the mobile phone was considered a means of outputting already prepared data, but this application shows that it is not at all. Cube is applied to three main modules:

1. What is a graphic core?
2. Google Arcor
3. The core of machine learning on the basis of openness
Each module plays its role during the program.

All the necessary calculations take place directly on your phone, so the application is very demanding on your phone’s processor, RAM and graphics processor, the application does not use cloud technology and can work without access to the Internet.
The application is designed to replace common measuring devices such as tape measureers, laser rangefinders, etc. The number of practically solved problems is huge and the only limitation is your imagination. For example, you can measure the distance measured or see how the refrigerator fits into an existing kitchen cabinet.
A machine learning module is also available that can convert markers from drawing to three-dimensional models, detailed instructions for work are in the Applications menu chapter.

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