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CSR Racing 2 is a drag racing game that focuses on accurate shift time and nitrous pump. Like all drag races you expect to change gears at the right time and cross the finish line first. You will do well and win lots of cash and fame points for winning a race. You can compete directly against players around the world online. And all you have to do is create your own supercars.

Android Gameplay CSR Racing 2

The game has been kept simple and straightforward from its developers Natural Motion Games Limited. While racing you will only see your and your opponent’s car with your speedometer. RPM meter, which is the most important element for your race it allows you to move in time. As soon as you hit the green zone that you need to achieve while accelerating, you should shift your gears for your best performance and maximum speed.

You can tune your cars into fire-breathing monsters. From increasing the amount of nitrous bottles to improving the gear ratio by mining the nitro boost and tire pressure to increase the grip for better traction. A new addition to the latest CSR Racing 2 game is the “Crew” add-on. When you compete in an event as part of a crew, the rewards are much more than the way a lone wolf tries to pull you off.

The graphics of this Android mobile game are breathtaking. Playing games will make you feel a complete immersion. The cars you drive, the cars you compete against, the track surface as well as the landscape all give you a complete console feel that is extremely impressive. Given that the size of the game is 1.9 GB of storage on your Android phone.

CSR Racing 2 has a mix of 50 Super and Hypercar to choose from with almost life-like looks and performances in detail so if you make any custom changes to your car, they will appear more clearly than other car racing games. Do you play CSR Racing 2? Let us know your tips and car tweets in the comments section below. Rate the game and explore other car racing games like Pulses 8 And need for speed.

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