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The mobile version of the most successful FPS game on the planet, Crossfire: Legends now captures the overall aesthetics of your PC predecessor with new functionality and features that guarantee you the same kind of smooth, editing gaming experience on mobile devices. Millions of players around the world can now recover the thrilling action they performed on the mobile on their PC! Do you like intensive gameplay? We got it! Insane graphics? We got it too! And with the same classic Mutant and PVP modes players have been able to fall in love with, constantly rebuilt and improved to ensure players come back even more! What more do you want? Then check out the all new Battle Royale mode exclusively on the mobile version! With junk and thrilling sub-modes and items by the dozen, Crossfire: Royal mode of battle of legend will bring new and old players a crossfire-like experience that they just dreamed of! [Features]1. Mutant mode: Favorite classic from PC version, now for the first time on global mobile! At the beginning of the match, all the players are randomly divided into two groups – human and mutant. Humans need to use their weapons to kill mutants; Mutants need to attack and infect humans. The race of species begins now!
2. TDM: Kill the required number of enemies within the time limit to win the match. Hardcore FPS fans, don’t watch anymore! This simple but exciting game mode will make your blood boil!
3. BR Mode: This is the last person standing in the royal mode of war! Players can choose to participate in matches in single, dual or squad mode, and a match includes parachuting, escaping from a sandstorm, finding supplies, defeating enemies, and fighting for the last man / team. More sub-modes, maps and items are added monthly. Now is the time – join the fight together with your friends and become the legend of what you mean!

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