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Warning! Warning! Alien invasion has begun! The world is under attack!

Ever wanted to occupy planet earth? What does it feel like to be an alien invader? Kidnapping people for covert experiments or destroying cities to show the world that the world rules the universe?

Then welcome to Crazy Spaceship! Destroy buildings, kidnap all creatures and spread chaos in your UFOs! The more you kidnap, the bigger you get. And the bigger you get, the bigger objects you can hijack!

But keep an eye out! Never trust a fellow foreigner! They want to rule the earth too and if they are bigger than you they will devour you completely! Be careful! Don’t kidnap!
Sounds easy? Too bad you almost run out of time! The attack lasted only 2 minutes, so hurry! The clock is ticking!

Download Crazy Spaceship.Way for free now! Start the game and take over the world today!

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