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Craze Cooking Tale: Fast Restaurant Cooking Games APK Download

Craze Cooking Tale: Fast Restaurant Cooking Games APK Download

Welcome to Craze Cooking Tale: Fast Restaurant Cooking Games this is a cooking game that helps you improve your cooking skills, manage thinking and organize your time effectively. You want to be a true chef, you are learning how to create dishes like pizza, soup … Craze Cooking Tile is more than just an ordinary, real and fast-paced restaurant game. . Come and feel the cooking fever right nowπŸ”₯! This is a culinary game, we have combined recipes from all over the world to bring it into the game to bring enjoyable experience for players.πŸ˜πŸ‘»! Come and write your own cooking story! πŸ“šπŸ“š

A combination menu of delicious worldwide dishes divided into pieces and located in different countries that you need to collect … Combination of world-class famous restaurants who Top gourmet and passionate chefs are searching for the lost pieces. You need to conquer the diners to get more bonus points and gems to upgrade your restaurant and overcome the cooking challenges in the countries you will travel through.

πŸ‘‰ Are you ready to join the world of cooking today? Download FREE Craze Cooking Tale NOW and enter your cooking world!


Entertaining, easy and challenging game for you to get through it!

* Selecting the top recipes of countries around the world.
* Complete the steps to create delicious dishes.
* Meet the needs of customers quickly.
* Serving customers attentively and receiving generous tips.
* Upgrade dishes and cooking utensils to increase create more dishes at a faster speed.
* Pass multiple levels to increase your fortune quickly.
* Go to new lands, discover new dishes and open more restaurants.
* Login every day to receive rare diamonds.
* Complete missions to receive attractive gifts.
* Earn as many combos as possible and get more bonuses.

Learn, hone your knowledge and improve your cooking skills when you join Craze Cooking Tale game.

Don’t miss your chance to become a chef today!
You must serve the most demanding diners.
Would you like to join us in the cooking challenge?
Download and install now to begin your equally challenging cooking journey! πŸƒ


You have to overcome challenges like a real chef will experience in a restaurant!

* Serve customers in a certain period of time.
* To properly meet the needs of customers’ dishes.
* Pay attention to the dishes, do not let them burn.
* Divide work properly, limit food disposal.
* Increase your ability to manage and manipulate your time.
* Arrange the order of food in a smart way.

Simple gameplay you only need to use your fingers to create delicious delicious dishes and fulfill your dream of becoming a chef making crazy dishes. You will be surprised when you will become a star that is widely known, chased and wants you to become a chef king in their restaurant.


Mission to bring the best cooking game, the most authentic space and the most realistic cooking operation; In addition, we reimagined your kitchen space with kitchen utensils, ingredients and dΓ©cor for a fun experience while playing Craze Cooking. You can:

* Explore and feel the cultures of each region such as China, Thailand, Japan …
* Attractive dishes such as: Pizza, Lobster, salad, cheese cake …
* Variety of beverages such as soft drinks, carbonated drinks in addition to a little wine …
* Serving nutritious meals for an efficient working day.
* Proficient in cooking methods.

We update regularly to bring players excitement, you will not have to wait. A series of new levels are waiting for you!

πŸ‘‰ What are you waiting for without downloading and experiencing the game right now?
You will become the chef king you are looking for!

Stay tuned for the latest updates so you don’t miss the next upgrade changes. Create unique recipes and become a great chef! Please share it to your friends and introduce the regional culture to friends around the world.

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