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Cortana is an AI personal voice assistant from Microsoft for Android. Cortana for Android lets you access data quickly and easily, especially if you can’t use your hands while driving. Cortana Calendar is able to assist with appointments, outgoing and incoming calls, text messages, and more, including access to your personal data.

You need a Microsoft account to sign in and use this application. Most digital assistants are able to do this, but one thing that can set Cortana apart is its voice detection capabilities. It works great in both quiet and noisy rooms. Initially Cortana was only part of Windows, but later it came to Android. Microsoft Cortana is basically a quick search of Bing search engine database. Type queries in answers using big data in voice mail.

Due to its integration with Bing, it lacks the firepower occupied by Google’s AI. Many of your stuff such as calendar emails and schedules have to be recreated through Bing and Microsoft apps ted no worries if you have already used Bing and other Microsoft apps in the past.

Using Cortana on your Android phone

Say oh Cortana and she will be ready to help up Cortana Game Hello was the name of the Master Chief’s artificial intelligence assistant. And Microsoft tried to influence users but was not able to reach that stage. Because there is a big search engine behind the assistant.

Microsoft Cortana considers a number of factors when displaying information on the home screen. If you save interests in Bing, you will also find these interests on the home screen. If you have any memo or calendar events to let this AI assistant know, you’ll see them at the top of the screen. The Home screen lets you launch an Internet web browser when you click on links.

You can download this special voice AI assistant right now by clicking on the download button above. Let us know if you have any tough questions for Cortana in the comments section below. See for more information on data access policy Official information site Try for more similar apps about Cortana Google Assistant And Alexa.

Note: Cortana has been turned off for Android and Android devices. However, you can still access it on your Windows 10 PC with your Microsoft account.

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