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The whole Quran

Thanks to the donors who contributed to the whole Quran. We’ve made big improvements to the apps. Better features, better interfaces and we hope these will lead to a better experience.

I UI design is now up to date and compelling
Options Reading options: Quran, Quran and translation or translation only
Theme: light and dark
Arabic Wide Arabic and Latin font sizes
Currently language: Indonesian or English
Screen Orientation: Landscape or portrait
নির্বাচন More accessible juices, suras and page selection
• Wide sharing nanny options: email, facebook, whatsapp etc.
• And most importantly: ** No ads **

What’s new?

Bug fix:
-Fix Indonesian misinterpretation
Fix bug in index
-Fix bug bookmark dialog when oriented landscape
When the language changes to free orientation the fix closes and forces the screen to flick

– Change the orientation and language in the settings, will not restart now.

Bug fix:
– Content is not visible in the search dialog when the orientation is landscape.
– The last option in the setting is not visible when the orientation is landscape.
– Language cannot be changed when the application is closed.

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