CM Browser – Ad Blocker, Fast Download, Private APK Download

CM Browser - Ad Blocker, Fast Download, Private APK Download
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CM Browser is a lightweight mobile browser that can protect you from malicious threats and still give you faster browsing speeds. With its video detection function, CM Browser makes various online videos downloadable. With this amazing feature you can download most of your favorite video files. Additionally, the ad-blocking function can clean up annoying pop-ups, banner ads and video ads and give you a comfortable browsing experience

Smart download
The CM Browser’s Smart Detection function can automatically detect downloaded videos as you browse the web, allowing you to download and save online videos from almost every website. With the download icon in the address bar, the CM browser will let the user know if there are any online videos that users can download. You don’t have to worry about where to download online videos. Downloading videos using the smart download function will be very easy ((Downloading on YouTube is not supported due to Google’s policy !!!)

Ad-block CM is a powerful tool in the browser. In ad-blocking activities, CM Browser can effectively block annoying ads, pop-ups, banners as well as certain JavaScript to give you a comfortable browsing experience. Furthermore, ad-blocking in the CM browser can not only speed up page loading speeds, but also reduce Internet data usage for the user.

Icious prevents contamination
Warns you of potential fraud or malicious websites while browsing. CM Browser will notify users before they click on links on your site that may lead to malware-infected pages. The security browser will in real time check a list of pages against the CM’s list of suspicious phishing, malware and unwanted software pages.

★ Download protection
Scans APP file downloads for malware, including background checks, to protect your device. Once the download is complete, the browser will start a security scan for you. This will provide a comfortable browsing experience for all levels of user protection.

Incognito mode
Browsing without any history, cookies, cache, etc. Incognito mode makes your browsing experience completely private and private.

There is no trace behind the behind
All app data will be cleared automatically when you exit the app. Want to go to some privacy sensitive website but don’t want anyone else to know? CM Browser can clear your traces to protect privacy information from being leaked.

Accelerate browsing speed
Preload process to speed up browsing.

Ed speed dial
Navigation websites make your surfing easier. Your websites can add a customized url through a suggested list or by input.

★ Page Translator
The page translator function provides more than 40 languages ​​powered by Google Translate. This function will make your browsing easier and easier when visiting foreign websites
Text search

Ont font size adjustment

★ Personalized bookmarks

Card tabs for multi-tab controls

★ Search engine switch

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