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Important notice: We decided to redesign and create this app Clipto Pro Which is very powerful –
Clipto Pro Free and also no ads. I hope you like it. Thanks!

My clipboard – A powerful clipboard manager that automatically saves everything you copy. Access your clipboard history later. Copy, paste, view, and edit the contents of your history items.
Save repetitive text pieces to my clipboard and copy them whenever you need them. Copy control and paste with my clipboard!

Key opportunities
Clip Automatic clipboard history and extensions. All copied text is collected and saved for later use. Don’t worry about copying something important.
Notes Unlimited history of created notes. You decide for yourself how many notes will be deposited, you want one or one hundred or one thousand – no problem with My Clipboard;
Filter Quickly filter and mark clips with any number of tags for searching;
U Intuitive organization and editing of notes. Copy notes to the clipboard with a single click. View, edit, delete, or share notes with your friends.
Add notes to favorites. Add notes to favorites and you’ll be able to quickly filter them out of all the history you’ve already saved.
Contents Search content. You will always be able to find and filter notes in any event of the entered symbol.
Instant and easy access. For quick access to your notes, open My Clipboard at any time via the Notification panel or any application from any corner of the screen (the application settings can be configured via the screen). Make notes from frequently used information to access it.
A Import and export data in one file. Any data can now be restored from a previously saved backup.

Unique progress
No ads: We do not consider the need to show ads in similar applications;
High performance: This is one of the key features of the application.
Resource short resource usage: Occupies less than 1.5 MB, using 15 MB RAM.
Always nearby: It is available from the notification bar or from any application without the need to change the context of a window – just slide out on the screen.
Adaptive and user-friendly design: Google Metallic Design only.
Personalization: Individually adjusted.
Collecting No statistics: We do not collect your personal information;

ES curious to know
Here are three simple steps you can take to make your application more convenient:
1) After installing My Clipboard, you need to start it to start watching a clipboard – it is possible and not possible to start, but in what sense?)
2) Make my clipboard an exception to your taskkiller (if it is installed), since it can unload it from the starting process))
3) Allowing My Clipboard to display floating Windows in your device’s settings will allow us to open the application via swipe and without the need to change the context of the application. That’s really great!)

Want to translate? –

We are in the social
Support us on social networks, we need new people and feedback to improve a product 🙂
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Key rules for our applications:
1) Not a complex and intuitive form
2) There is no advertisement in the application and for the promotion of the application
3) any review of “Indian” observers and statements in “popular” magazines;

What’s new?

– Improve durability and performance based on user feedback;

If you have a problem, please send us the details as we do not receive this information in any other way due to the app’s completely missing permission.


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