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Get ready to immerse yourself in the first mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) with all the localized content! Champions Legion Play with authentic free-to-play compatible friends on all devices, gear up and become the strongest champion in this highly competitive game!

Ultra small game size. Compatible with all devices!
Everyone can be a legend without worrying about the limitations of any device! Enjoy flawless, lag-free gameplay on all devices – even on low-end mobile phones! The size of the game is amazingly small and you can always enjoy smooth animations, complete with breathtaking graphics. Grab your mobile phone anywhere, anytime and fight for glory!

Perfectly translated text and dubbing. Play in your own language!
Confused by a language you don’t understand? Don’t worry! The Champions League has been created especially for your region. All text, description, and even voice over are 100% localized in your language. You’ve never felt immersed before!

First class 5v5 MBA. There is no salary to win a fair match!
2 teams, 5V5 battles, 3 lanes. Here’s what you know about genuine MOBA games. The champion or loser depends entirely on skill and there is no such thing as a salary to win. Paid and free players are in the same league – the skin is perfectly aesthetic change without any statistical bonuses. Become an MVP, not your money!

Exceed your enemies. Combine partners and beads Victory!
Transmit, create and grow with your partner in battle! To your partner, pick everything and devise a strategy to combine their skills with beads to enhance your features before the match starts!

Unique MOBA features. Create your own strategy!
Do you think you know all about strategy? Think again! There are plans to opt for a new game, all optimized for mobile. Make full use of the environment to dominate the environment!

Rise to the ranks and claim your glory. Become a true champion!
What does it take to lose the league? Choose your favorite playstyle from the huge list of heroes, compete in ranking mode, build your league and reach the top in action fast!

Fresh and improved menus. Enjoy the whole new experience!
Enhanced features, featuring elegant, mobile-friendly UI with Champions Legion style. Feel the premium feeling while playing in and out of the game!

Gather your team and win the tournament. Be the best in your area!
If you want to compete in the high-level MOBA, you are in the right place! Invite your friends in or out of the game and gather a team to compete in the tournament in your area. The glory of Bhalla is waiting for you!

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