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Castle Destroyer World introduces players in 2063 where the ice shells of West Antarctica have been freed. These waste the cities under huge waves to drown the world with diseases, mutations and regional conflicts.

By 2065, the world’s governments have crumbled and the world’s largest military contractor, Blackwater Enterprises, has taken over the main seas. You are now playing this amazing game as one of the captains of the New Coast Alliance which is an alliance between the personal and surviving national fleet to bring down Blackwater.

Fortress Destroyer Blackwater offers Android game lovers to build themselves a fleet of powerful warships with destructive power to fight the Navy’s oppressive forces. Castle Destroyer is a kind of RPG action game given to us by the same developers Blue TD.

Features of Castle Destroyer:

All players have to do is choose from one of 3 ship classes and fill their gun slots with the most powerful weapons so they can get their hands on it as well as add modules to gain new abilities. Grab this custom-built ship for 15 missions to defeat enemies, ram them into gigs, and then trigger special power for the boiling region of the ocean. Earn resources during those missions and earn those valuable blueprints as you win each mission. Also be sure to upgrade your ship with at least 15 ships to take command of the sea from enemies and build a huge fleet.

Being smooth, this game is not like those normal slow ship simulation games. In addition to dodging the incoming fire, one-touch driving to target enemies with auto-targets and lineup Nitro boosts to strengthen those ram combos.

The game allows players to provide 15 different ships, 16 bridges as well as 75+ modules to build an array of 100+ weapons and powerful ships. Use fleet squadrons to call 2 ships to deal with tough objectives or send ships on time missions Return with the resources needed to become more powerful.

Note: This is just the app of the game, you need to purchase it Market In order to play it.

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