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Castle Clash:ギルドロイヤル APK download

Castle Clash:ギルドロイヤル APK download
●●● Even after 6 years, your legacy in Castle Crash continues! ●●●

Over the last six years you have survived many battles and survived. And now, an epic new trial-Guildroyale has come to an end! Send your heroes into battle with your allies and outgrow your rival guild for even greater ambitions. Build, develop, and bravely move your guild territory to new territories that must be defended. Summon allies and conquer powerful enemy guilds together. No time to waste, take your guild to the next level!

Castle Crush, with its exciting fighting and fast-paced strategies, is a very balanced game! Hire powerful heroes and lead an army of mythical creatures. Keep fighting and climb to the top to become the strongest tribal commander in the world. Test your strategy in dungeons, raids and more! Crash in this game with over 100 million players worldwide!

French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Korean have been added as supported languages.

Game features:
* Summon guildmates and fight for the strongest guild in the latest “Guild Royale”!
* Make your hero look powerful by wearing reinforced hero skins!
* Use the open-ended base development system to upgrade your base as you like!
* Experience seamless movement and moving visual effects at your fingertips.
* Hire heroes with exceptional ability to fight for your cause.
* Place faithful units in battle! Those who survive will return to your base.
* Face off against other players in the arena and get the crown of the ultimate warrior.
* Unlock equipment for heroes that can be used in battle.
* Customize your heroes and buildings with a wide variety of skins.
* Get wealth and glory in torch battles, fortress plunders and guild battles.
* Team up with your friends to challenge a multiplayer cooperative dungeon.
* Together, stop the disaster of the entire server, the Ark Daemon.
* Develop cute pets into powerful battle companions.
* Match heroes to powerful abilities and be the winner of the next “Team Showdown”.

Note: This game requires an internet connection.

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