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Carmazedon is a racing game application that brings back exciting driving on Android. Free form driving helps drivers to earn points for pedestrians and cows while a bunch of crazy people are the real opponents of this car killing game. Carmazedon offers players as chaotic drivers who can drive anywhere and pack some surreal jokes. The game is not suitable for Wimps.

Carmazden’s main goal is to take part in a series of 3 different wild horse races that can be won:

  1. Destroy all other opponents.
  2. Be the first to cross the finish line.
  3. Kill all the pedestrians walking on the level.

New features

This version of Carmezdon comes with new and improved features. The first is the improvement of the graphics to give the players subtle details for both their car and racing scenes. On top of that, players will now be able to store their game data in the cloud. Improvements such as online ranking charts and replay cameras help save your most glorious racing moments, but not the last.

Control system

The control system for Carmezdon has been improved to be the best for touchscreen devices. This control system comes with 2 different modes:

  1. ‘Strategic mode’ which puts all the controls on the player’s touchscreen.
  2. ‘Accelerometer mode’ which is a little difficult to control.

The main feature

  • 11 Compete against 28 controversial opponents in a tense environment.
  • Featuring 36 Violent Levels in Career Modes You are ruined by an opponent for opening 30 different cars.
  • The control system is easily customizable to the needs of the player.
  • The environment is pre-illuminated but the map and special effects make it much more understandable to the players.

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