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Candy Crush Saga is a fun puzzle skill game where you will try to destroy the candy together. You will try to match the candy in the background with the soda and hit it and finish your playing level. Switch and match your way through several hundred levels of this delicious candy puzzle adventure.

Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play but will require some items in the game such as extra rice or pay for life. The game is easy and fun to play considering its candy nature. But of course, mastering the game is a challenge. Candy Crush Saga gives you a board of different types of candies that you need to match to delete and score points. Also, unlike other games, Candy goes upstairs to give the gamer another game.


Simply swipe your finger to swap two adjacent candies. The key is to match three similar candies. You can earn bonus points by matching four or more candies. Large mills give you special candies that can be used to clear entire rows, columns or sections of the board at once. To really do well in Candy Crush Saga you need to prepare yourself for big matches and match chains for big points.

As the game progresses the challenges become tougher and harder to defeat. This makes the game more interesting and less annoying. At different points throughout the game, you may have to fight for movement limits, scoring goals or tough objectives. Encouragement is available for more difficult situations but they need to be unlocked first. You can only buy your incentives with a credit / debit card.

Candy Crush merges with Saga Facebook And keeps track of high scores and saves the progress of your games. You can tap on Facebook to ask friends for extra life. You can login using your FB account to get daily rewards and more. Try sending these requests to people who already play Candy Crush or you may annoy your friends. There are currently more than 140 soda-themed layers on the ballot. We need to change the sugar and the bottle to release the purple soda in our soda mode. By downloading the game with the help of Mega Mode aircraft, you will also get a deception that you can use a lot. Experience the full candy crush soda here though!


  • Tasteful way to play target score, time level, drop down mode and order mode.
  • Collect drops of sugar to proceed along the sugar track for super sweet surprises.
  • Pass 50 levels to unlock Dream World and escape reality with Odas Owl.
  • Wrap up delicious environments and fill the sweetest characters.

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