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CamToPlan APK Download

CamToPlan APK Download

Measure the distance, the surface with a camtoplan and draw your plan in a few seconds! Horizontally and vertically! Export your data to PNG or DXF and manage your folders!

Revolutionary thanks to the increased reality of the camtoplan, the tape measure is placed on your screen as if it were real, in 3D! You can effortlessly take measurements using the video on your device: baseboards, walls, furniture dimensions, carpets … no need to kneel on the ground to take measurements. Easier than any official or laser rangefinder!

The camtoplan instantly calculates the area (square meters or square feet) and plans the house with all the measured dimensions. All clicks to share that plan via email, message or social media.

Discover this innovative app for all professionals as well as architects and decorators

Please note:

– You can select metric or imperial unit
– Chemtoplan measures distances horizontally (= on the ground) and vertically!
– No need to remove furniture from the house for measurement. The application automatically determines the intersection between the floor and the target point, even if it is behind a piece of furniture.
– In good conditions = good lighting, textured (non-uniform) floor, lack of floor reflection. The app analyzes the images in the video and relies on the visual details automatically identified in these images. There may be problems with several types of floor tiles in the application. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
– You can safely move when measuring to get closer to your target point for maximum accuracy, even if this point is hidden and calculated by extrapolation.

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