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Strategic strategy-based card games like Call Break Spades.
Callbreak Four players play with a deck of 52 play cards. The game is very popular in Nepal and a few places in India. The game is very similar to other trick-based games, especially Spades.

In the word callbrake:
Used instead of the “hand” trick,
“Call” is used instead of bid.

Each contract player has to make a “call” or “bid” for the number he can hold and the purpose is to hold at least those many hands in the round and try to break the other player or stop them. Get their calls. Points will be counted after each round and after playing five rounds each player will be given five round points as a total of points and the player with the highest score will be the winner.

Deals and calls
A game will have five rounds of play or five deals. The first dealer will be chosen randomly and after that, the turn of the deal will turn clockwise from the first dealer. The dealer will give each of the 52 cards to four players, that is, 13. 13 After each contract expires, the player on the left will make a call to the dealer – which he thinks will probably capture most of the hand (or strategy), and the four players will not be finished. Calls clockwise to the next player until calling again

All four players must win that round to get a positive score, starting from the player to the right of the dealer, otherwise they will get a negative score.

After each player has finished their call, the player next to the dealer will take the first step, this first player can throw any card, the lawsuit thrown by this player will be a leadership lawsuit and then each player must follow the higher rank of the same lawsuit, if They do not have the same suit with the higher rank but they must follow any card of this led suit, if they do not have this suit they must break the suit with the trump card (which is a cell of any rank)), if not their spade However, they can throw any other card. The highest card of the lead suit will hold the hand, but if the lead suit is broken by the spade (s), then the highest ranked card of the sad will hold the hand. The winner of any hand will be taken to the next. Thus the round will continue till the end of 13 hands and then the next contract will start.

The player who gets at least the same score as his bid with the least amount of tricks he receives receives additional tricks (over tricks) worth an additional 0.1 times each one point. If the bid is not received, the score equal to the bid will be deducted. After 4 rounds are completed, scores are added to help players set a goal for their final round. After the final round, the players and players are announced.

This game is locally known as Lakdi or Lakadi in India, also known as Call Break in Nepal, and it is also called Ghochi.

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