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Automatic Call Recorder – ACR is a Easy and Smart Auto Telephone Voice Recorder and for all Android phones like Android .0.0, Samsung Galaxy S8, the Call ID application can easily record phone calls from both sides at any time with clear voice. Never worry about losing important call recordings. This Phone Call Recorder – Record and record phone calls comfortably with ACR. Our app is available worldwide which helps thousands of users to record phone calls. A Automatic Call Recorder – The ACR app provides a free phone call recorder and more features. Share, play, delete and rename call recordings, Enjoy free phone call recorder service with automatic call recorder in multiple audio formats, add to favorites, voice recorder, etc.!
Automatic call recorder featuresCall recording / call recorder
-Auto record any incoming and outgoing calls
Clear HD quality recording on both sides
Enable / disable call recording as per your requirement
Any play record calls anytime
– Quick search recording

Caller ID
Find real numbers in real-time – not even in your contact list
Worldwide Get alerts for more than 1 million spam numbers worldwide
Umber Number Search: Search for an unknown number in our database

After call action
Access the call recording from the Ler Caller ID screen
Call, text and save the call directly from the call screen

Strategy recording
-Outmatic / Voice Call / Native / Media Recorder / Microphone
Uto automatically choose the best strategy for your device

Delay recording
Inc Delay recording for incoming and outgoing calls

Share and manage recordings
Share recordings with anyone through social apps
Telephone deletion, renaming the telephone recording
Get all caller details from Record Recordings

Add recordings to your liking
Add Favorites Phone Call Recording To Favorites
Yours is helpful for your business and life

Multiple audio formats and sources
Supports AMR, WAV, AAC, MP3 to record AM
Auto supports auto, own voice, anti-voice etc.
Soon more phone recording formats will be coming soon

Recording notification
Ask if pop phone recordings need to be placed in a pop-up window
Enable / Disable the notification bar after each recorded call

Back to back
Telephone Automatically back up your telephone recordings to the cloud

App lock
Your Set your recordings to private mode
Finding your passwords is easy if you forget Forget

Recycle bin
Deleted recordings will be recycled
Mistake Recover recordings that you accidentally deleted

Sound record
Record voice notes and memos
Edit, delete, backup, playback, share voice recordings via social apps

More special features in automatic call recorder
Light fast speed with smooth experience
Easy to operate, operate and use
✔ Material design user interface
Displays caller data on the Home page
The first phone call recorder without any limitation on the length of the call recording
RAM Less RAM usage (Call recorder works in the background)
APK small APL size
Power Low power consumption

Automatic Call Recorder – ACR acts as your personal call recorder application that helps you record important phone calls, which are also memorable, memorable and report someone’s threatening calls. In the Play Store you will find many call recorder applications but automatic call recorder- ACR has special solutions that cater specifically to your needs. With clear voice call recording and instant saving methods, it could be the Play Store’s # 1 call recorder app.
Set the recording technique to “Native” and enable the speaker if you can’t hear the other person’s voice. Some third party applications like Clean Master, App Manager, Task Manager, Battery Optimizer, Greenify, Privacy Guard call recorder stop working, as a result some of your calls will not be recorded. Usually you need to add a call recorder to their “whitelist”. Close or delete all other recording applications.
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What’s new?

1. Special list added. Now you can choose to record specific calls.
2. Ad-free features added. Only 99 0.99 to remove ads.
3. File name has been improved above the cloud. Finding the right recording is easy.
4. Russian and Turkish have been added.
5. Some bugs have been fixed.

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