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Scan th math problems, quickly identify and analyze, solve in a few seconds. We also upgrade simple math keyboards to scientific keyboards, including sin cos tan including and not including. So, as soon as we solve the formula as a simple calculation, download this application today and have fun with numbers.

We are the calculator, a Multi calculator applicationWhich can easily solve mathematical problems by entering mathematical formulas, can solve mathematical equations by entering X, Y formula, mathematical problems arranged on written paper. We are the calculator Math Lab, the perfect calculator for Android. I can easily use and designed to work better than your phone or handheld calculator.

We suggest:
📟Free Basic Calculator
🔢Simple calculator keyboard: Daily calculator, very fast for general calculations.
🔣 Scientific keyboard: Pull your phone to upgrade the keyboard to a scientific keyboard.
Multiplier calculator: Scientific and equation quick way to solve
Scan to get the answer: Handwriting Math Solve the math with the camera
Step-by-step explanationSolve Difficult Math It makes it easy to understand.
History availableNever lose an account
BMI The value of your body.

Scanning: Take photos, speed up and be # 1 in class to solve typing problems one by one.
Quick way to solve math formulas:
Type your unresolved math formula, we can solve it in a few seconds
History count:
We keep a history of your calculations, which can be verified at any time, to help you recall learning memories.

When you can use our calculator:
Calculate math problems, help you finish homework easily.
Solve the math formula, start interested in math.
Calculate discounts and sale prices.

Special features:
An scanning: Scan the handwriting math formula, the answers are easily found.
Great decor: Unique style allows you to feel at peace and focus on math calculations.
Android Full support for Android: Effective and handheld, we are all-in-one and effective and handheld

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If there is a problem, please contact us: [email protected]

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