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Lightning widget A complement Custom widget editor By Lightning Launcher: 15mm + user-selected launcher.

Buzz Widget supports a collection of customizable widgets: Weather, battery, clock and date. You can apply thousands of widgets created by other users with the touch of other buttons and customize what we offer with unlimited customization.

The budget widget lets you:

Apply 100,000+ widgets with just a single click.
Each homepack has different widgets embedded in each homepack
Home View Premade Widgets with Beautiful Homepacks:
Home After downloading a homepack, simply press the “Apply” icon.

Integrate With lightning widget Lightning launcher At ease
Apply the most smooth and stylish widgets seamlessly to your homescreen @ Lightning Launcher (
. Also, no additional effort is required to implement third party widgets with interfaces Lightning launcher : UCCDW, Power Toggles, Short Texts and more.

Experience The first customizable music widget!
B Design, customize and activate your favorite music player with the Buzz widget
Custom album cover / artist / title according to your choice
● Buzz Widget is compatible with various device players and music players: Samsung, LG, HTC, Google, Sony, PowerRamp, Double Twist, Google Music and many more.

Creation Buzz Widget is a custom widget using user friendly customization features.
Tools Use tools that allow you to choose a size, add objects, select locations, and more.
Fast Create multiple widgets at once with quick and easy editing tools
Finger has many pre-made widget templates to get you started at your fingertips!

Design Your widget using various decor features.
Background Choose background color and control opacity
Add any image or text; Location and size of them freely
Rotate, flip and change the font and color of any object

Manage Your created / downloaded widget is conveniently in one place.
Save and save your widget design
Any mix and match with any widget design
ডাউনলোড All downloads from the Budget Widget are automatically saved Lightning launcher.

Take advantage of the custom widget experience selected by 7 7,500,000+ users! Now! ★

<আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন>
● Widget sharing search: [email protected]
● The Budget Widget is being partnered with UCCCW, the day before the Widget and Memo Widget, Soul Calendar and Soul Mail, Battery Widget Z, Power Toggles, Flexible Text, Mon Note, Mon.

<বাজ সম্প্রদায়>
Instagram: / buzzlauncher
+ Google+ Designer Community:

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