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Bushido Bear APK download

Bushido Bear APK download

What is more terrible than an angry bear? Or a sword-wielding ninja? An angry, sword-wielding ninja, of course!

Bushido Bear is an original action game from Spring Fox, the developer of the award-winning games Triple Town, Steambirds and Alphabier. Defend your forest against the endless waves of evil demons by hacking and slashing your enemies with evil monster swords! Slice and dice the invaders as long as you can survive.

When you play Bushido Valle you will unlock new ninja characters and upgrade your existing characters, which will change the way you play the game. Lone Kibb can slow down but slip past enemies for its small size. Smoky beer can instantly teleport anywhere. Neo Bear reduced the time as he planned his attacks. You’ll want to collect and experience all the bears!

APK download

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