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Are you trying to walk straight in the rainstorm when you go out? Check out our Rain Radar and Rain Graph before you go so you never get wet!

The De Buenarder application starts with a radar forecast of 2 hours, 3 hours or 24 hours of rain. The rain radar image shows you that it is going to rain in the next coming hour or even the next day. Below the radar is a rain graph. In this graph you can see exactly when it is going to rain and how much rainfall is forecast (in millimeters). If you like more detailed images of your city or town, you can press the magnifying glass icon to zoom in.

The Buenadar app is available for your Android phone, tablet and Android clothing (smartwatch). Using your Android Wear device you will see at a glance whether rain is expected! Using the hand widget, which has a rain graph, you can check if rain is expected even if you don’t open the app!

In addition to Buenadar you can also find other radars and maps
– Heavy rain
– Snow
– Storm
– The sun
– Satellite imagery of Holland
– Pollen (hay fever)
– Fog
– Temperature
– The wind is blowing
– Wind direction
– Buenardar (Rain Radar) from Europe
– Satellite images of Europe

You can find personal weather information in the table “24 hours in” (next 24 hours weather forecast) for the number of millimeters of rain per hour, temperature as predicted for your desired location (“Abroad!”), Precipitation, wind direction And wind energy (in beaufort).

In addition to maps of lightning, snow, sun, wind, and temperature, we also provide data on wind chill, ground temperature, sun intensity, wind pressure, wind direction, gasses, visibility, and humidity, along with the exact times of sunrise and sunset for your location.

Suffering from hay fever? We have created “Pollen” to give you an insight into the expected hay fever level for the next 5 days (1: low, 10: very high). You can find Palanadar by tapping in the bottom left corner on the map of Buenadar and then tap “Pollen”.

By entering one of the 700 available locations in the search bar, you can easily find snow depths for skiing and snowboarding locations. For example, try entering Myrofen, Fluchau, Jerlos, Val Thorns, Salden n Salbach-Hinterlem. When scrolling down, you’ll see the depth of snow for this position in the “Nuclear In” (now) section (above sunrise and sunset time).

In the “14-Dogs” section (14-day forecast) you will find the weather forecast (in a graph) for the next 14 days. You will also see a detailed list view when you click on the “Lists” tab. This list gives one hour forecast for the next 7 days and a daily average for the second week.

In the “Alerts” section you can create your own daily schedule and customized rain alerts (free push notifications) in the most visited places so that you are never unprepared for storms.

If you don’t want to see the ad, we also offer a Buenarader Plus plan for 1,79 for for you can easily find it in “Over Buenadar” (“About”) and then press “Neem Buenaradar Plus” (Get Buenarader Plus).

We are constantly improving the Buenadar application. How we can improve or if you have any questions or suggestions you can always send us a message using the feedback form in the app or by sending us an email via send [email protected] Thanks!

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