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Also known as Spirit Level: Bubble Layer, Layer, Waterway, Electronic Layer, Laser Layer, Nivel, Plumb Bob, Layer Equipment, Clinometer, Leveler, Protector, Inclinometer, Carpenter Layer. It uses an accelerometer sensor (G-Force) to help you test an object for plumbing and level to measure the angle of inclination, height, or inclination of an object with serious respect. It features beautiful, functional and easy-to-use ubble bubble layer on every smartphone or tablet:
– Accuracy of measurement;
– Easy to use;
– Stylish design;
– Vertical and horizontal water level indicator properties;
– Show angles or flow;
– Ruler (dimension length);
– Zero level with audible hints;
– Calibration;
– 3 different display modes;
– Definition of angles with or without decimals;
– Angle measurement including hold function and angle calculation;
– Display can be kept active;
– Lock icon to stop changing the screen automatically with risk;
– Support for 15 languages.

Digital layers (Bullseye layers, pitch and roll indicators, surface layers) will help you install a refrigerator or washing machine, hang a shelf or picture, scan your desk or pool table at the bar and measure the angle of any surface. You can use this Leveller app anywhere. Try using building levels and many more examples that you will find in practice.

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