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Browser 4G is a very fast browser for running any Android phone. The 4G system provides mobile ultra broadband internet access using brand new technology built specifically for the fourth generation of mobile communication technology standards. The browser 4G gives its users fast and exciting internet surfing on social networks, heavily loaded websites with photos, videos and more.
– Super fast browsing speed
– Tab function
– Websites of your choice are available with one click
– Constant and modern updates
– Complete privacy
Disclaimer 1: Browser is an Internet browser based on 4G WebKit and equipped with a large number of users across more than 139 countries and territories. This product is currently available for most Android versions
Denial 2
This application is based on Power Browser and is licensed under the Apache License.
Apache License, Version 2.0:

What’s new?

Version 23
Speed ​​has been upgraded to 3G / 4G

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