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Brainza is a collection of classic mini-games with thousands of different levels of difficulty including Oneline, Flow, Sudoku, Colorfill, Maze, Jigsaw and other puzzle games. This is a game lobby that will bring you fun and entertainment.

Brainzzz invites you to participate:

One line
A classic stroke, a slide at the end of the game adaptation, a simple and complex mix, you can just draw a graphic with your fingers.

Challenging gameplay using the line to link two cubes
There are over 500 levels waiting for you!

Animal puzzle
Animal theme with more than 400 different animal versions, you need to complete the animal combination according to the outline of the jigsaw puzzle. Come and challenge.

Great game to surprise, just remove the block and fill out the map, you can challenge higher goals, come with me!

All you have to do is get out of the terrible labyrinth and achieve the goal without knocking against the wall.

You need to spin the tubes to the right angle and attach tubes of the same color to find the way.

Do not be deceived by beautiful eyes. Try to find a solution to fill this whole chessboard.

The smartest people in the world have to play Sudoku. Sudoku can test not only its ability to separate and organize numbers, but also its spatial ability. The game is easy. Let’s experience the charm of numbers together.

More interesting games will be online soon
There are thousands of new levels and gameplay designs.

Different difficulty challenges
Each game has at least 8 difficulty levels waiting for your challenge, from the newcomer level to the master level.

Any good ideas and comments are welcome.

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