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Brain Focus is a time-management app that helps you get things done! Depending on the technology like Pomodoro or 52/17, however, you can adjust the session duration to suit your needs.

Work Start a work session
Session Reward yourself with a break at the end of the work session
Restart the previous two steps at the end of the break session

Note: You can reward yourself with a long break.

Track your time in Task activities
Task Configure different settings for each task
Group task by category

Free features
Pause and resume Ause sessions
Disable WI-FI and Sound during work sessions
Work Add time to any work session as needed
A Avoid taking a break or ending a session
Session Notice before the end of the working session
• Multiple themes (red, green, blue, black, pink, gray)
30 Support more than 30 languages
Uninterrupted mode

Contribute to the development by purchasing the Pro version
Contribute to development
Idge widget
3 Use more than 3 categories
Export to CS CSV
Remove ads
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Well… I have to say this app has really increased my focus and intensity. I love that it also generates statistics. I was feeling incomplete in my work and studies so I wanted to start finding the results of my work. Brain focus motivates me to really extract every bit of juice from my time and then dopamine flows as I look at my efforts and growth. The app is very happy to do this for me – Notepads and spreadsheets are sometimes not strong enough as a well-made app. The final point – I didn’t like the red theme and then found out that I could easily change it in the settings! – Fred Lunjivich

What’s new?

(Beta) Support for listening to custom notifications.

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