Bosco – Family Safety & Locator APK Download

Bosco - Family Safety & Locator APK Download

Bosco monitors your children’s activities, identifies potential threats and sends alerts when they attract your attention.
With Bosco you will find: Location tracking ensive offensive text messages • Inappropriate content • Screen time and apps Mood detection • Social media followers • Battery levels Home and school check-in / check-out

Your Get alerted for abusive messages in any app your child uses, even if they are deleted.

Intelligent family protection application that predicts child threats and alerts parents in real-time.

Bosco is just another parental control application. Bosco is built on an innovative artificial intelligence platform that monitors unusual events or threats and sends notifications when important issues come to them.
Bosco combines advanced machine learning and algorithms based on intense child psychology and cyber bullying research and in-depth analysis of collected data.

Find out if your kids are victims of cyber bullying

The lack of parental supervision and guidance has not stopped checking the cyber bullying incident, and our kids are left to deal with it on a daily basis alone.
Bosco identifies any symptoms that indicate that your children are being harassed or bullied. We will only notify you if and when there is a potential threat without sharing your child’s personal data.

Notify yourself if your child sends or receives offensive pictures or messages

Find out exactly when your child is exposed to offensive or inappropriate pictures or messages. Bosco analyzes your child’s pictures and messages and will alert you if we detect anything suspicious, threatening or inappropriate.

Pay attention to your child’s mood

Basco is the only parenting app that detects your child’s mood. Our advanced technology analyzes the tone of your child’s phone calls and lets you know right away if something goes wrong.
Note that Bosco does not record phone calls.

Get started with Bosco in just 4 easy steps:

1) Install the Bosco app on your device and sign up

2) Add your child and provide their details. Then, send the download link and install the Bosco app on your child’s device.

3) Confirm the parental request on your child’s device and establish a connection between parent and child.

4) Great, you’re ready to start using Bosco! You will start to get alert and you will be able to continue your kids activities.

Child privacy

Basco doesn’t invade children’s privacy – we make sure kids feel both safe and independent. Basco updates parents without displaying personal data collected from kids’ devices. All data collected by Bosco is uniquely encrypted. Once the data is analyzed, it is deleted from the system. Bosco also works with third parties, helping them create better services for children by sharing anonymous user data.

Bosco is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Indonesian and Hebrew.

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This application uses the permission of the device administrator.

To properly monitor, Bosco uses accessibility services.
Accessibility activation is required to protect and monitor children’s mobile content
Using accessibility, Bosco helps children with disabilities to use their Android phones safely and avoid the risks of smartphones.
When Accessibility is turned on on your child’s device, Bosco will be able to monitor application activity and content displayed on your child’s screen.

Note – We never monitor parental devices!

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