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Truth or lie?
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September 20, 2021
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True or false?

You can fill your life with both lies and truth. It’s easy to lie while watching the morning breaking news on the street, in stores or on TV.

Why do people lie?

Everyone has their own reasons. Politicians hire consultants to make them look honest and sincere. But sometimes even the most reliable people lie. The reasons may be different. Our application of the body language “Trick Me” will help you understand more about the causes and symptoms of lying.

– Scientists think that every human being lies up to 20 times a day and often they do not even understand it. This app will help you to understand yourself better by teaching you non-verbal work.

What does your partner actually think?

Nowadays some professionals use false detectors (polygraphs) to recognize fraud. Unfortunately, you can’t take a polygraph on a date with your loved one and it would also be weird to use it with your business partners. Even in the case of parent-child relationships, this device seems inappropriate. And more – according to some sources its accuracy is below 80%.

What signs can lie?

Sometimes ignorance is a happiness. Do you really want to know when people lie to you? Even those closest to you. Using knowledge of body language you can learn more about the people in your environment. Did you know that 98% of teens lie to their parents and 80% of people lie white every day? False theory is a very broad subject, but you should accept this fact – everyone lies.

Methods from this application “lie to me” are used in many cases: police, security services, psychological counselors, NLPR, etc.

This app is useful for head managers, students and everyone who wants to be knowledgeable about the psychology of lying and can understand people better.

A person thinks and speaks using his whole body. We use a variety of body languages ​​for signs of false recognition in this application, such as:

Az look direction
Lips touch the lips
Hands The type of handshake
Legs foot position
Telephone lie on the telephone

From ancient times the people wanted to know what was on their minds. After a while the whole direction has been created. Now it is known as physiognomy. You will learn body language and gesture language using this “lie to me” app. You will find the basic principles of thinking and it will be easier for you to recognize the liar by his facial expressions.

Some experts testify that absolutely every human being can learn how to identify a lie.
You just have to understand the body language. Yes it is true! Soon it will be easier for you to read human minds and micro expressions. After a while you will catch a breath of non-verbal communication. Unfortunately, or vice versa, hopefully there is absolutely no verified way to uncover the fraud. But with this app you can understand people, build close relationships and learn to control your own emotions. If you talk to the public often or engage in discussions, this will help you win the audience perfectly. Also, it will contribute to your personal improvement.

It is not always possible to use body language. Sometimes it is not possible to observe the hands or feet of the person you are talking to. For example, if you are sitting at a table in a mental room or walking on the bus – your partner is still more likely to cheat. But even then we suggest to consider all available signs thoroughly, taking into account the environment and context, as there may be simple explanations for some of the signs of falsehood. For example, it’s cold, so your partner has crossed his arms just to warm up. Or he suffers from allergic diseases, so he often scratches his nose.

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