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The Bluezone application, the development of which is chaired by the Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam and the Ministry of Health.

The app is to protect the community from the COVID-19 epidemic, which helps bring life back to normal. Under the direction of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam and the Ministry of Health have deployed the app called “Bluezone – Contact Identification” on smartphones.

Bluezone will be careful if you have close contact with someone who has COVID-19, which reduces the spread of the virus in the community and helps people return to their normal lives. When there is a new case of infection, you can access Bluzone and learn only if you had close contact in this case.

The more people install Bluezone, the more effective it is. Let’s challenge the virus with the power of our community.

Each person installs the app for themselves and 3 people’s smartphones are installed by BlueZone. The Ministry of Information and Communication and the Ministry of Health recommend that the whole country install BlueZone for themselves and 3 others.

– Data protection: Bluezone only stores data on your device, it does not send such data to the system.
– No location data collection: Bluezone does not collect your location data.
– Anonymity: All Bluezone is anonymous to others. Only skilled health authorities know those who are infected and those who are suspected of being infected due to close contact with COVID-19 cases.
– Transparency: The project is open source under GPL 3.0. License. Users in other countries are free to learn how to manage the system at the source code level and to use, research, modify and share it.

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