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The first person to set a blockbuster world in the style of Block Story Minecraft, the ‘Sandbox’ RPG. Create a world of expansive landscapes where you have ultimate control. Decide where you want to go and which one to build. Fly over dragons and other creatures as you begin an epic quest to save the world.

Block Story: The popular 3D block building, Sandbox Exploration combines gameplay with exciting and addictive role-playing game elements. Players can create lots of different objects. Become the greatest warrior of the kingdom. Build castles, encounter different creatures, battle boss monsters, and my valuable resources to improve weapons, create patterns to access better equipment and summon all kinds of monsters – including dragons. Block Story is a highly creative RPG that combines aspects of titles like Sky Rim and My Craft to create a new experience.


  • Interactive fire.
  • Farming
  • Discover several exciting new discoveries.
  • Climb on top of dragons and 29 other creatures.
  • Infinite hours of RPG exploration gameplay.
  • Deal with many helpful characters that will help you in your endeavors.
  • Explore the myriad of biomes from desert litter to the Arctic mountains but look for the ice dragon.
  • Equalize your hero with customized figures and qualities.
  • Use the crafting system to create several ical magic items – from light swords, mysterious staves and rare patterns that summon dragons and other creatures that will help you fight.

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