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Inquire is an Android screen sharing application from Android. Using this application you will see other people’s Android screen after gaining access. The application generates a code that has been shared with other users so that they can access your screen. Using this application you can easily access your friend’s mobile phone and make necessary repairs or access files remotely.

To properly share the screens, both users will install the app and a code will be generated on the screen of one of those users. The other user will then enter that code to access the other device. You will then have the ability to draw on the screen with your voice chat.

Kaliar application for screen sharing on Android phones

You can download the app by clicking the button above with the experience of sharing the screen. Once installed you will find the launcher for the app on your home screen or in the app drawer or both. Tap the launcher and Inquiry will start.

At this point, you will need a code to gain access or you will need to create a code to grant access. Do this by tapping the Share button. This will create a 12-digit key that will be displayed on the screen. Share this with anyone who will access the device.

If you are going to access, tap the access button and then enter the 12-digit code. Press the new access button and enable or disable the device microphone for the session. You can enable or disable the mic when sharing screens depending on your needs for voice commands.

To close the inquire session, the end-user has to drag down the shadow of their notification and then tap the stop button. This will instantly cut off access and return your device to your control. For information regarding inquiries Ink Official page. Let us know how you use this app in the comments section below.

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