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Blackbox 6 A professional call recorder developed as a reliable tool for automatic call recording. Blackbox built with a clean interface WAR built on advanced call recording technology and a powerful utility platform

Record Incoming and outgoing calls automatically
Hide Blackbox Ste Stealth mode on your device
Track The location of your phone when making a call
Lock From Blackbox unauthorized access
Backup And recover data in Google Drive
Search, Pick and like your recordings
Blocked Your recording from other applications
Whitelist Recording contacts
Clean up Old recordings in an automated schedule
Playback Incoming and outgoing recording
Share Recordings via email, WhatsApp, etc.
Manual Recording with on-screen widgets
Arrange Recording by date, time or duration
Dear Important recording
Proximity Sensors for playback
Bluetooth Accessory support
Display Photo, initial or contact name
Change Blackbox ™ File Directory
Dual SIM Device support
High Recording quality or efficient file format
Mass Select and delete recordings
Storage Change for Blackbox ™ data file
Delay Support for outgoing call recording

Note: Blackbox is not compatible with other call recorders.

Blackbox calls is an automated call recorder for recording calls. It is a secret call recorder, secret call recorder for recording phone calls. Developed as an automated call recorder app aimed at remembering phone call recorders as well as recording incoming and outgoing calls, Blackbox 7 only supports call recording, not VoIP call recording.

Stealth mode lets Blackbox be an effective spy call recorder and a secret call recorder that can secretly record your calls while hidden on your phone.

What’s new?

Record Incoming and outgoing calls
Hide Blackbox on your phone
Track The location of your phone calls
Backup And recording recovery
Search, Pick and like your recordings
Blocked Recording from other applications
Lock From Blackbox unauthorized access
Whitelist Introduction from call recording
Clean up Old recordings automatically
▪ and much more

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