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BIP is a communication application that is more beautiful than the GSM operator and uses the whole world. Why? Because, BIP has many functions for everyone to use.

You send unlimited text, send photos and videos, and share location with your friends. Talk at once about the groups you are able to create with your loved ones. Do you have friends who do not have BIP? Don’t worry! Here, free SMS and MMS are also being sent. How, isn’t that fantastic?

Video and audio calls are one of them. You have a very good video and audio call experience at BIP. You talk to all your friends and your family who have a BIP with a great audio and video that is as smooth as glass, also it is free.

You can even say “hello” to your friends who are not in BIP. You call all mobile phone lines and landlines day or night. How? You call BP in all directions. What is the call from all sides? For example, you are in Germany. You want to call a relative who does not have a BIP. This call happens when you are in Turkey and you are not paying any extra charges. How was it? Super.

In BIP you follow each other. Not just a location, you can share your instant location as long as you allow and you can find out where your loved ones are. It’s pretty good too.

Moreover, BIP has Explorer. BIP Exploration All space transactions It gathers through different channels in one place. It provides you with entertaining content while making your life easier. For example; You can follow sports, tabloids, news channels and you can benefit from services like online check-in, money transfer and customer service.

BP also has a translator. BIP Translator translates both written and oral translations from any of your languages. So you don’t feel unfamiliar in circles

BIP has smart faxes where many fax senders have no problem. Imagine being able to send faxes just outside the office. It’s really good.

BP has missing message. You send your message securely, and your message disappears within the time you set. When you realize that it is such a good function, you will say that it is such a good function.

So, BIP is an application like this. This is BIP encouragement.

What’s new?

We work hard to provide you with the best experience possible.
Our new features:
– You can now recall your messages to both you and your friends.
– You can change your ringtone now!
– Your credit cards at BP are safe now! Verification with 3D Secure is available!
– You can also mute your one-to-one chat.
– It is possible to send audio files from BIP.

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