BIDV Smart Banking APK Download

BIDV Smart Banking APK Download
BIDV Smart Banking is a smart app to help customers with banking transactions anytime, anywhere. Application by Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) and Corporation Vietnam Payment Solution (VnPay) development cooperation, suitable for all iOS, Android, Windows Phone and can run on any electronic device smartphone, tablet … that connect 3G / WIFI / GPRS.
Main function:
– Inquiry: query account information, transaction information, information exchange, interest rate, addresses ATM / Branch
– Transfer: Transfer within the Bank system, the interbank remittance 24/7 FAST
– Payment: cash payment of electricity bills, pay telecommunications, ADSL, leased line, paid airfare, tuition payments …
– Recharge: recharge phone cards for yourself and your friends, load e-wallets, card games, buy scratch card code
– To register online: Registration issued credit cards, local debit card / international, online loans Registration
– And many other useful features banquet: flights airlines domestic and international, chat with your group and use BIDV Smart Banking, Management of securities portfolio and read newspapers online
Account Management at BIDV safe, effective with BIDV Smart Banking! Details at: http://bidvsmartbanking.vn/

BIDV Smart Banking is a smart app to thực mà cho phép customers table by using mobile phone banking transactions from anywhere at any time. The app is Developed by JSC Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) and Vietnam Payment Solution JSC (VNPAY) and can be used for all iOS / Android / Windows Phone smartphones or connected to notepads mà 3G / WIFI / GPRS.
The outstanding features of this mobile are included but not limited app to the followings:
– Inquiries: inquire account balance, transaction history, account, exchange rate, interest rate or ATM / Branch’s address.
– Transfer: Transfer with BIDV, 24/7 FAST interbank transfer
– Bill payments: paying bills for Electricity, telecommunication, ADSL, leased line, air tickets, tuition …
– Recharges: Top up for your mobile phone and others’, recharge the e-wallet, card games, …
– Register online: Apply for new credit card, Domestic / international ATM card, Apply for new loan.
– Many other utilities: Book air tickets of Domestic and International Air Lines, Chat with friends through app BIDV Smart Banking, Portfolio Management or reading online newspaper.
Managing your account Safely and effectively at BIDV BIDV with Smart Banking! For more details, please visit us at http://bidvsmartbanking.vn/

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