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Belajar Iqro dengan Audio adalah aplikasi yang dapat digunakan untuk memudahkan pengguna dalam belajar membaca Al-Qur'an, khususnya pengguna anak-anak yang baru belajar membaca dan belajar mengaji, sehingga aplikasi ini disertai dengan gambar dan warna yang menarik untuk anak-anak dan suara audio yang dibaca oleh anak-anak. Namun tetap dapat digunakan oleh orang dewasa yang baru ingin belajar membaca Al-Qur'an.
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October 21, 2020
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Acro Learning with Audio is an application that can be used to make it easier for users to learn to read the Quran, especially children who are just learning to read and recite the Quran, so this app comes with interesting pictures and colors for children and audio words read by children. . However, it can still be used by adults who just want to learn to read the Quran.

The Acro Learning app with audio is built in a simple, clean and interesting way. So that it can increase the interest in learning and help for the benefit of those who want to learn the Qur’an and learn to read the Qur’an.

This application can be used on smartphones and tablets with the latest version of Android 2.3.3. The size of the content will automatically adjust to the size of the screen.

This Iqra Learning app has 6 levels of learning from ICRO 1 to ICRO 6, equipped with audio reading and reading instructions. Currently, Iqro ‘1, Iqro’ 2, Iqro ‘3, Iqro’ 4, and Iqro ‘5 are available, while Iqro’ 6 is still under construction and will be completed as soon as possible.

– ICRO ‘1: Learn to read Hijaiya letters from Alif to Hah Fatah (‘ A ‘).
– ICRO ‘2: Learn to read continuous letters and long (real crazy / thobi’ei).
– Learn to read ICRO ‘3: Kasroh (‘ I ‘), Dhoma (‘ U ‘), long and their variations.
– Learn to read Icro ‘4: Tanwin: Fathatine (‘ un ‘), castrotin (‘ in ‘), and dhomatine (‘ un ‘), as well as clay (bread fruit), salt soil, colchicine and its forms.
– Ikro ‘5: Learn to read waqf, tasid, mad jayez munfasil, mad compulsory muttasil, general mad kilmi mutasakkol, izhar, idghom, death law etc.
– ICRO ‘6: Learn how to read Iqlab, Ikhfa, Waqf (stop) signs, various variations of Waqf letters, introduction and first few letters of Quran.

Hopefully this app can be effective in making it easier for us to learn Quran and learn to read Quran.


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