Bela Furabar age (বেলা ফুরাবার আগে) APK Download

Bela Furabar age (বেলা ফুরাবার আগে) APK Download
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Author Arif Azad probably didn’t say much about the book anywhere. Many may wonder, ‘What is the book about?’ The book is actually written by Arif Azad himself. However, this is not the author’s autobiographical type. This book is a collection of some of the experiences of Arif Azad’s life, the experiences he has gained through the ups and downs of time, this book is written.

This book can be said to be the story of overcoming the obstacles that a young man or a Muslim faces while practicing his religion. Or, this book is for those who are desperate to come to the religion, but do not understand how, in any way, they will just ‘start’. In this book I have talked about myself. About my mistake, about how I got out of that mistake. As a young man, I have made this book a short guideline for all other young people to return to the religion, Alhamdulillah.

In this book, I have included some chapters that may be relevant in our daily lives. Maybe we are engaged in a hard, difficult struggle with them, or we are utterly doomed in that struggle. For example, in the chapter ‘On the Day of Depression’ I talked about some of the frustrations in our lives. Repeatedly in life we ​​become frustrated. On such a sad day, do we know that Islam has a beautiful and wonderful direction for us? Another chapter is called, ‘Why I am so sad’. Sadness is in the life of all of us, more or less everyone has it. But, sometimes we sit down and say, ‘Why does this happen to me again and again?’ In this chapter I look for the reasons why, and in the light of Islam, I try to show the solution.

We cannot wake up in the Fajr prayer. What a huge failure it is for us. There is a huge chapter in this book about the Fajr prayer, the name – ‘I will be the morning bird’. This is the biggest chapter in this book, especially for young people who are involved in haraam relationships. Name- ‘We are just friends’. And, for those of us who are inattentive to prayer, whose mind wanders to heaven and hell while standing in prayer, there is a chapter in this book, ‘My mind does not sit in prayer’.

I dream of a huge change, In sha Allah. On the way to that change, this book is my very little contribution. For those for whom I have written, if Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala accepts this work for them, then it is a success.

Bela Purabar Age table of contents
Before noon
On a bad day
Why am I so sad
Why is this happening to me again and again?
My mind does not sit in that prayer
I will be the morning bird
»We are just friends
»’Eye disease’,
»‘ Tell me, where do I find happiness ’,
»‘ Before the end of the day ’,
»‘ The sun smiles in the lap of the clouds ’,
»‘ War means enemy enemy game ’,
»‘ Leaving doesn’t mean leaving ’,
»‘ Spring has come ’,
»‘ Tuli doi haat kari munajat ’,
»‘ Let’s Change ’

Etc. A total of eighteen different topics, different chapters on topics with such names.

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