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“A beggar themed idol game,
Click / tap game like this beggar has never happened before!
(Then 7)

* What can tapping the screen do for you? What is so special? “”
* Get the money !!! Wow ~ !!! *

The CEO raises the level of beggars!
CEO Click (tap) to raise gold per beggar level increase!

A rent a part-timer to a beggar!
Help make more money.
You can increase your ability to earn money with the help of fashionistas, rockers, artists, pianists, soccer players, scientists, doctors, judges, kings, aliens.

Properties Purchase Property!
You can make more money by buying and selling property

Art Purchase Artwork!
You can make more money by buying and selling artwork

Companies Acquire companies and cities
Show the world your greatness by acquiring mega corporations and cities

Collect Beg Beg Card!
All beggars have their unique stories. If you know the story, let’s go twice!

Closer Tap the screen to get closer with your friends and family!
Tell your loved one ..
Want to play beggar? ”

Enter the Rich Rich Tower and compete with the richest men in the world!

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