Bebebears: Stories and Learning games for kids APK Download

Bebebears: Stories and Learning games for kids APK Download
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Russian cartoons, educational kids games and stories for your preschool and kindergarten kids

Discover the fantastic world of bear beer through these educational kids games. You will love it! B-Bear’s educational children’s games target 6-year-olds.

🐻 Bears are Russian cartoons about the encouragement of tireless fun animals: a brown bear named Baki, a polar bear named Bjorn and their friend named Littlefox The rest like gadgets and gizmos, Bjorn likes nature and LittleFox is a natural housekeeper. They teach very few visitors to be in harmony with nature and to develop curiosity about the world around them.

Be a Bear: Kids Games for Kids Stories and learning helps your kids develop a love for reading. Our Library of Popular Educational Books Decorated for Kids and Boys 1 to 6 Years Old Books for Kids You’ll find in our Kids App Babybars: Stories for Kids and Learning Kids Games:

Be the Bear Story for Kids: Insomnia with Game Learning
• Fairy tales: House spirit with children learning games
Kids Story for Kids: How to Heal a Tree with Kids Learning Games
Be the Bear Become a Fairy Tale: Harvest Heroes with Learning Games
Kids Story for Kids: Old fashioned food with game learning
Kids Story for Kids: The best reminder for kids to learn games
Be Good Become a Fairy Tale: Journey with Learning Games
Kids Story for Kids: Wildlife Photography with Learning Games
Kids Story for Kids: Mushroom Machine Mayhem with Game Learning
Fairy Tales: Star Story – Free! Gift for you! With kids learning games

Read more with Kids Bears: Stories and Learning Games for Kids. We offer the most popular children’s story book “Star Story” for kids for free.


* Read offline! No internet connection required (without WiFi)
* 10 Great Stories in English (Bedtime Stories)
* Stories for kids that will educate your kids
* Be Bear Learn free games for kids 1st grade
* Can help your child improve reading skills
* Be a Bear: Stories and learning games for kids will make your pre-kid smarter.
* A story book is free

Our app is not just books, fairy tales and stories for kids it is a perfect collection of educational games for young children, free kids games for 2 year olds. Fun sound effects will help your pre-kid learn letters, spelling, math and more! Kindergarten and preschool kids love these learning games, educational stories for kids and fairy tales! Includes 1 free book with fun stories and educational games for kids, unlock all 9 stories for kids by purchasing a simple app.

The Beer Beer Beer series has become a popular cartoon in the family worldwide because it is a smart and fun entertainment designed to educate both children and parents. Stay well bear educates kids about true friendships in fun and intelligent ways. Bear friends play the rest and Brazron learning games, travel far and wide and learn amazing new things together.

With Russian cartoons you can take your play time for kids and kids wherever you go! Your children’s favorite characters from Russian cartoons will always be by their side in the palm of their hand. Play with Bucky and Jorgen, learn from LittleFox! Easy-to-use swiping and tapping doubles the learning experience while allowing your bilingual kid to explore and discover videos, stories, cartoons, activities, and more. While serving as a helping hand in educating a bilingual child, bears will take time to play Russian cartoons, books and a variety of other activities at a whole new level.

Bears expand your child’s vocabulary, increase their creativity, and allow them to build a basic sense of friendship, science, art, and interpersonal skills such as friendship and teamwork while watching, listening, playing, singing, and playing cool games for babies and toddlers.

APK Download

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