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Beast Quest is a third-person role-playing action genre game. It combines all the great thematic elements of the search game with a great combat system powered by gestures. This version of Beast Quest allows players to fight against many enemies at once.

The game story of Beast Quest is taking place in Abntia World. There is a domination over any fantasy universe. His magic spells cover all continents. The goal of asts players is to travel through these continents and free this enchanted creature before destroying the continent.


The Beast Quest game is a combination of several quest games. The basis of the game is to be the third person player and move the character through the whole scene to find the treasures, pick the shrubs and fight the enemies.

As the character of the game evolves and evolves, so does the role of the game. The game allows players to upgrade their character skills as well as change equipment.

Beast Quest combat arrangements

Beast Quest’s combat system allows players to fight enemies using simple gestures. A player can dodge, block them with a shawl, attack the enemy and have a must, attacking special attack.

The main feature of Beast Quest

  • Fight on the path to your glory The vast fantasy universe of degradation.
  • Strong beasts fight against enemies.
  • Collection of hidden treasures and powerful patterns.
  • Upgrade the equipment as well as level up.
  • Become a supporter of the combat combo system.
  • Play along with hundreds of different challenges to unlock game success and privacy.

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