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Battle Tower for the Galaxy is an exciting mix of defense, strategy and dynamic battles. Build a strong army and join the corporation. Attack enemies to gain glory and valuable resources. Very similar to Battle Clash of Clans and other strategy games for playing galaxy games. Create and upgrade dozens of modules for your space station to be able to create more resources and recruit more troops. To get started, you must build your economy and build buildings to improve your resource resources.

Once you’ve built the resource collection structure you can focus on building the military and upgrading your technology. Most of the action in the battle for the Galaxy happens to steal XP to earn their resources at another player’s base. Make sure you build different types of troops to take on enemy walls, defenses and structures. Because looting enemy bases is the fastest way to gain more resources and build your army and above all you can get heroes especially strong soldiers who can advise you to fight.

Game Features:

  • Play free online strategy.
  • PVP with tower defense elements.
  • Take part in every fantasy battle and win great prizes by winning leagues, tournaments, doubles and raids.
  • Craft modules for real-time base management, defense and technologies.
  • Only 20+ buildings need to be built and upgraded to turn the surviving base into a powerful planetary fortress.
  • Deploy an army to prepare space marines, rocket troopers, giant meshes, battle cruisers and many more units to fight for you.
  • Create corporations with other players and unite to win against others.
  • Fight against other enemies for dominance.
  • Exterior art and military and visual of the world.
  • Battle Royals mode for 10 players.
  • Complete daily challenges to earn great rewards, login daily and collect valuable bonuses.

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