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As the name suggests, Battle Dragon is a strategy game. And the main weapon of war is the dragon of fire breathing. You have bred dragons, magnify them to be the perfect fighting machine and attack other players’ bases.

This game has evolved around medieval themes and technologies. Each new dragon will bring its own strength and spell to give users the ability to tailor offensive tactics accordingly.

Battle Dragon gameplay on Android phones

The game starts with offering tutorials on how to play and control your dragon. After that it’s pretty straight forward. Your dragon automatically flies over the battlefield, when you point and hold the point of attack. The dragon fires from above to destroy the selected structure like an archer tower. It reminds you a bit Clans of Clans Attack mode but in a simple and humble way. Your dragons are also responsible for heavy duty projects like clearing fog and trees. They are washing it by repeated schemes.

Initially, you will learn to attack and build basic structures. Once you hold on to the basics you need to build your base defenses to repel the attackers. You can interact with other online players and share your in-depth game knowledge.

Once your dragon and base are good to go at once you need a bow for attacks on your base by players around the world. They will attack your base for looting and resources. While in attack you can charge your defenses such as archer towers for more powerful attacks.

Attacking other players enables you to flatten and strengthen your dragons. But beware that you will be attacked by players stronger than you and you will often be destroyed. Either you need to have some great defense that will take time to build or you may have to purchase an app to climb the ladder quickly.

The game is popular and so is their fan following so they are dedicated to their own Website.

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